Motrac’s Charity Campaign - Buddy Run

Motrac’s Charity Campaign - Buddy Run

Buddy Run for research into the Kawasaki disease in young children

We simply can’t say it often enough, which is exactly why Maarten Vinkesteijn, our Managing Director, talks about it every year during the Christmas drinks: ‘As we are doing well as a company, we feel it’s important to give something back to society too.’

This is followed up by Motrac Industries employees being asked to come up with a good ‘local’ charity for Motrac to support during the forthcoming year. Two or three charities are subsequently selected from the submissions.

Buddy Run

Paula Wensink nominated the Buddy Run for 2020, a social project run by the Battle4Kids Foundation. Battle4kids’ vision is to use entertainment, fun and relaxation to spread the message that many people in our society - and especially children in the Netherlands - could use a little bit of a helping hand. Anyone can take part in the Buddy Run, disabled or healthy, it makes no difference at all. An inclusive society means absolutely everyone is allowed to, and able to, take part in sports. The proceeds generated by the sponsor teams are used to conduct scientific research into rare childhood diseases.

Logo Buddy Run

Paula provided the following motivation for suggesting the Buddy Run as the chosen charity: “The first time I read something about the Buddy Run, I was instantly struck by the fact that children suffering from a rare disease have such a poor quality of life. I was also quite astounded by how tough the research/diagnosis method is. Plus I thought everyone being able to join in with the Buddy Run was a great bonus point. How often are people with an illness or disability excluded? I knew the main prize of €1500 would be a huge help to get this event off the ground. I thought, that’s what I’m aiming for!”


We soon found out that Motrac Industries’ management team had indeed awarded the main prize to the Buddy Run during the 2020 KickOff meeting. The event sadly couldn't go ahead in October 2020 because of COVID-19. Erik Hofmans says: “Of course it was a huge disappointment that the Buddy Run couldn’t go ahead. Fortunately not a single sponsor decided to withdraw and they donated in 2020, which allowed me to still prepare everything. I was definitely hopeful for 2021 and, as things stand now, we can look forward to the Buddy Run properly going ahead on 3rd October 2021!”

Motrac would like to wish the Buddy Run participants, all volunteers, Erik Hofmans and all the little patients suffering from the Kawasaki disease, all the best of luck and hopes the foundation can use this gift to realise a fantastic event and collect many more donations too.

You can find more information about the Buddy Run here: 3rd October 2021 – Buddy Obstacle Run Bronckhorst
Anyone who would like to make a donation can do so via this link: DONATE for the Kawasaki disease - Battle4kids

Motrac Industries overhandigt cheque aan Buddy Run_Small_a.jpg

Erik Hofmans, Founder of the Buddy Run, symbolically takes receipt of the cheque.