MoRe-E electrically powered feed mixer

Working in collaboration with Aradex, Reesink Agri and Motrac Industries (subsidiary companies of Royal Reesink) have developed a "clean" mixer wagon, driven by the MoRe-E full electric drive.

In collaboration with Motrac Industries and their partner Aradex, Reesink Agri have developed an electric drive for KUHN's new range of mixer wagons, the KUHN Profile 24.2 DL. Fuel economy and the associated CO2 savings are becoming increasingly important. As the KUHN mixer wagon is fully electric via a battery-powered drive, all fuel which is normally consumed during mixing can now be saved. This reduces CO2 emissions and reduces fuel costs. And with many agricultural businesses already having solar panels on their roofs, or a wind turbine delivering clean electricity in the surrounding area, the KUHN Profile 24.2 DL can be run almost exclusively on green energy.

 Motrac Industries electrically powered feed mixer Kuhn motor drive fuel savings

The machine is provided with an electric motor with frequency regulator. The mixer wagon can be started up using a smartphone app and remote control, with the mixing process adapted to suit the feed mix in use. The entire machine can therefore be operated remotely without the driver of the loading vehicle ever needing to step out of his cab. The driver can take the mixer wagon to the silage store together with the loader. Here he can load up all the necessary products and start, modify or stop the mixing process from his cabin. Once the feed is loaded the wagon can be taken to the stall to unload it. The wagon's discharge doors can be opened using the remote control and the dosed feed can be delivered as the vehicle drives through. All this is done with a single vehicle (a tractor with a front loader, shovel etc.). This leaves another tractor available for the farm, and also delivers really substantial savings on depreciation and maintenance.

MoRe-E electrically powered feed mixer powered by experts Motrac Industries drive motor remote control tractor vehicle MoRe-E electrically powered feed mixer powered by experts Motrac Industries drive motor remote control tractor vehicle

The mixer wagon's drive is virtually maintenance-free. The wagon has a minimum of greasing points, with the oil in the mitre gearbox needing a change just once every 1500 hours. Combined with the wireless remote control this makes the unit extremely user-friendly.

The highlights:

  • Environmentally friendly, helps reduce your CO2 footprint, fuel savings around 8,000 l per year.
  • Only 1 vehicle needed for loading and unloading.
  • The mixing cycle is easily adjusted to the ration using remote control.
  • Maintenance-free drive. -Battery package to suit your desired capacity.

This mixer wagon can be seen on Reesink Agri's Stand 4.12 in Field D at the ATH trade fair in Biddinghuizen (12-15 September 2018).

If you have any questions about the new mixer wagon you can contact Feed Production and Processing Product Manager Gert-Jan Hegeman on (0) 6 11738682 or by email at

Questions about the electric drive can be directed to Maarten Vinkesteijn, Managing Director of Motrac Industries on +31 (0)575 – 44 88 44.