Providing good service is an important priority for Motrac Industries. Which is why we offer maintenance contracts to ensure your hydraulic machine always runs optimally, and any problems or failures in the hydraulics can be prevented. No matter how carefully one goes to work, a fault or problem in your system can always occur. And then you obviously want to be helped quickly. We understand that every second that your machine is not operational, your business will be standing still. For these situations, you can rely on our qualified SEM engineer (Service Engineer Motrac)! SEM is quickly on site when you need him.

Guidance or advice?

Are you experienced in hydraulics, but have you forgotten some of the finer traits of the trade? Or could you perhaps use an extra pair of hands? In both cases SEM, our expert on location, could be your new temporary colleague! SEM can give you solid advice on hydraulics. Would you like to share your ideas or simply get some guidance? SEM is just the one to ask: he is passionate about hydraulics and machines. SEM could make hydraulics as easy and convenient as possible for you. So you can focus on your expertise.


We offer various services:

Maintenance: both planned and preventative. Regular maintenance is key to ensuring that your equipment keeps running safely and smoothly. At every maintenance checkup, the equipment is checked, fine-tuned, cleaned and inspected again. Possible faults will be identified and restored before they cause problems.
Service and maintenance packages: when a fault occurs you are assured of help for a fixed price.
Installation: we supervise the installation and initial start up of our hydraulic products. This includes various kinds of function tests and thorough fine-tuning.
Troubleshooting: we understand that whenever a technical failure occurs, you have a problem. We will continue to search until we have identified the source of the problem and found a solution. That way your machine, product or process is restored as soon and efficiently as possible.
Services tailored to the customer: that is how we started out. Does you product need modifying, revising or repairing? We happily take care of the practicalities involved because we see ourselves as an extension of the products we deliver. We have a wellequipped repairs department where we can carry out various kinds of tests.

It is up to you to choose the service that best suits your needs!

Have you got a job that might be perfect for SEM?
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