HMR-02 Self-regulating motors for open and closed circuits

Displacement size from 55 to 210 cc

Product advantages

  • steady low speed behaviour
  • high starting torque
  • large conversion range
  • PTO through-drive motor
  • compact design
  • high power density
  • high reliability
  • long service life
  • dynamic response

Design characteristics

  • axial piston motor in swash plate design for high pressure open and closed circuit systems
  • optimized starting and low speed behaviour
  • purge valves for circuit and case flushing in closed circuit optional
  • internal system pressure control, no external piping required
  • brake pressure shut off for closed circuit
  • high pressure relief valves available
  • through shaft with free shaft end or with coupling flange
  • SAE high pressure connection ports radial or axial
  • SAE mounting flange with ANSI or SAE spline shaft
  • plug-in version optional
  • speed sensor optional
  • counter balance valve optional

Maximum displacement override

  • pneumatic
  • hydraulic (high and low pressure)
  • electric
HMR-02 5575105135165210280
Max. displacementcc/rev54.775.9105135.6165.6210.1281.9
Max. operating speed at Vmaxrpm4300380037003200310027002400
Max. speed at Vmax*rpm4400410038003500340030002700
Max. operating speed at Vminrpm4700440041003700350032002900
Max. speed at Vmin*rpm5300500047004000390035003200
Nominal pressurebar450450450450450450450
Max. pressure**bar500500500500500500500
Output torque (Δp=430bar)Nm374519719928113314381929
Corner powerkW184239309360415482586
Weight approx. (without oil)kg2832425676101146

* highest transient speed, that can temporarily occur
** highest transient pressure, that can temporarily occur

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