Motrac Industries have been involved for many decades in the development and manufacture of drives for road sweepers and similar vehicles. Our engineers remain closely involved in the continuing development of our clients’ safe, flexible and efficient vehicles. Our smart stock management processes and “just in time” deliveries make us reliable links in our customers’ production chains.

And there’s more. We also develop drives for high capacity and very high capacity industrial vehicles. Working with a specialist rail maintenance firm we have converted mechanical locomotives into fully hydraulic work trains. We delivered everything from the motive drive through to components used to maintain rails and overhead lines. We have collaborated with an aluminium manufacturer on the construction of powerful ride-on crust breakers as well as the vacuum pumps used to handle large quantities of slag.

Our customers benefit from our innovatory capabilities not only in the optimalisation of serial production but also in the development of unique drive systems. You will not hear us say “it can’t be done”. We also maintain stable long-term partnerships in the automotive sector.