Shaft generator, EcoGenDrive, for inland vessel

Supply of a shaft generator consisting of the following parts:

  • Frame with generator, electronic control system & oil tank
  • Linde Hydraulics pump set with a turnkey system solution that can be mounted directly to the diesel engine
  • Pump mount to place the pump in front of the engine
  • Flexible coupling to drive the pump
  • Water cooler

This generator will be built into an inland vessel together with an engine replacement. The pump will be placed at the front of the diesel engine, and is driven by a flexible coupling. The generator set, complete with tank and controls, is mounted in a frame for easy moving and installation.

EcoGenDrive by Motrac Industries inland vessel.jpg (3).jpg  EcoGenDrive by Motrac Industries inland vessel.jpg (7).jpg

What makes the EcoGenDrive special is that it is a closed loop drive that regulates the generator speed electronically, independent of engine speed or load. The Völkel controller measures both the diesel engine speed and the generator speed, which enables it to respond to changes quickly and to compensate automatically for variations in losses, such as internal leakage from the hydraulic motor, for example due to load or wear. Because the pump operates at increased control pressure, it is practically always fast enough to keep the frequency at a stable preset value.

EcoGenDrive by Motrac Industries inland vessel.jpg (1).jpg
The complete system build into the vessel.